Thursday, September 17, 2009

Printable Money Chart uploaded - Two versions

money chart - girl

Today I created a printable money chart activity.  My girls have known how to count money for a couple of years now, but unless they review it often, they tend to forget which coin is which.  Since I wanted to upload the pages here for you to print out, I made two versions - one feminine and one gender neutral.  The chart has spaces for you to arrange coins alongside their names and values.  I've included a page of tags with the names and values for you to cut out and print. (And I've written the cents two different ways - take your pick!)

I'm always amused a little bit by activities that use the plastic play coins or fake printed coins when teaching money.  I prefer to use the actual coins themselves, whenever it is possible.  I've seen some fake coins that cost more than the real ones are worth!  Besides, once you are done, you can use the real coins as real money, something that plastic coins definitely don't do!  For each copy of this chart, you will need one quarter, one dime, one nickel, and one penny.

My children wanted to be able to put the chart together and keep it for reference when working on money questions.  I wanted them to be able to do it multiple times for review.  So we laminated the chart and then put little bits of Velcro directly on the backs of the tags and coins, as well as on the spaces on the chart.  I think another great way to do this would be to use magnetic tape, but I didn't have any of that, and I did have lots of Velcro!

Now, the children can assemble the chart and have it available for reference.  Every week or two, I can take the chart apart and let them review the assembly process.  This is a great activity for our workboxes!

Here are the files for your downloading pleasure:

[download id="3" format="2"] [download id="4" format="2"] [download id="5" format="2"]

I designed everything with the fantastic, fantabulous new Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist, using the "Melon School" and "Happy Day Out" Digikits from

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